VI Neon Energy Drink- Sparkling Energy Drink to Go High on Energy

May 4, 2015

Sparkling energy drink neonA unique energy drink-Neon has finally come to quench your summer thirst and soothe your nerves. Vi Neon, the new launch by Visalus is one such organic energy drink which captures the goodness of nature in a metal can. This sparkling, bubbling liquid gives the much needed energy shot that keeps you going for long. Adding to its appeal, is its unique glow under black light; a perfect companion on your night out.

100% Natural Ingredients

This natural goodness can be sipped post workout or before workout or for that matter any time of the day. Amongst all the energy drinks available so far, this is the best energy drink and all because of its ingredients. One can of Neon health drink provides 100 calories which come from natural sugars provided by the 24% fruit juice concentrate contained in it. The caffeine boost comes from a healthy natural source of green tea extract. The fruit juice concentrate is an excellent mix of vitamin rich fruits such as prickly pear, passion fruit, cherry, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and cranberry. The rejuvenating nervine, Gotu Kola which is present gives the added benefit and the active element from the Cinchona tree; its glowing uniqueness.

Edge over Other Energy Drinks

The naturally occurring sugars and the caffeine stimulate the body’s metabolism to healthy levels in a controlled manner; thus eliminating the incidences of unhealthy high and low spikes given by regular energy drinks. Over 100% of 6 essential daily requirements of B vitamin and the C vitamin content give the required anti-oxidant protection, boost the immunity of the body and enhance its functioning.
The drink is taurine free, gluten free and dairy free and minus contents of high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and preservatives. The refreshing tropical flavor is just what is needed to give the extra zest to combat a hard working day. The drink contains a kid-tested and mother approved formula and can be clubbed into the category of safe energy drinks.

Commercial Aspects

All the features of this drink go to promote a healthy body. An important advantage however, of this drink can be obtained by tapping its commercial aspect. How do you do this?

Earn Rewards: You promote this drink and earn money. Be a part of the Vi Challenge; and get on to the bandwagon of a healthy lifestyle program. Make use of their products and avail their several programs which will enable you to shed unwanted fat and build lean muscle. Promote the Vi Challenge to your friends helping them to achieve incredible transformations in their life, earning rewards along the way.

Franchisee Business: Going into the franchise business with this drink is another way to profit commercially. Today, a majority of the youth and adults consume energy drinks on a daily basis and one can take advantage of this increasing energy drink trend. The unique formula and glow of Neon will definitely make it a hit with the public. The energy boost of Neon is long lasting and doesn’t end with the standard energy crash normally associated with other energy drinks.
So, folks come on and get benefitted from the Vi Neon advantage!

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  1. hello,
    i wanna be promoter for france and french islands (west indies).
    i am only interest by Neon drink ..not the other things.


    alias francky thirtheen (facebook)

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