Promote the Latest Cutting Edge Energy Drink- ‘Neon’

May 19, 2015

NEON drink promotion
‘Neon’ is the latest to hit the energy drink scene and one has to agree that it is definitely a cut above the rest. As such in this $2 billion energy drink industry if a new entrant has to survive the cut throat competition it has to be endowed with something extra and that is exactly what ‘Neon’ has been able to achieve! Let us see the Neon advantage-
Ingredient Content


The drink is made totally of natural ingredients and is a healthy combination of several nutrition providing fruits. A proprietary blend of fruits such as prickly pear, passion fruit, cherry, strawberry, raspberry and cranberry juice, the drink gives the caffeine boost through the extract of green tea. The rejuvenating nervine, Gotu Kola is another valuable advantage provider. One metal can of this health drink supplies 100 calories which come from the sugars of these natural sources. All possible nasty ingredients such as high corn fructose syrup, taurine, guarana, artificial preservatives and sweeteners are totally absent here.


Better Than the Rest


The energy boost is obtained through the naturally occurring sugars and the naturally sourced caffeine. The drink provides the body’s daily requirements of 6 essential B vitamins and the additional C vitamin content, help in enhancing the body’s immunity levels and boost its functioning. Due to its all natural goodness the unhealthy low and high spikes synonymous with regular energy drinks is avoided. The drink is kid-tested and mother approved and this makes it a safe energy formula for all. The refreshing tropical flavor is just what is needed to give the extra energy zing to an otherwise hard working day.


Hit with Young Crowd


‘Neon’ contains active ingredients of the Cinchona tree which lends it a unique feature of glowing under black light. This makes it an inherent part of the younger lot’s lives right from their workout at the gym in the morning to grooving to their favorite beats during night time. Holding a glass of the glowing, sparkling healthy liquid provides a great combination of fun and health.


Why Promote?


Neon is in; millions of people who have joined the Neon revolution know that they are consuming a drink which allows pure energy to flow in their body without giving them undesirable side-effects. All features of the drink provide natural goodness in pure form besides adding the fun quotient. A unique formula to hit the market, this energy drink has set the bar for the industry for all energy drinks. A healthy option among the plethora of energy drinks in the market, why not take its advantage on a commercial basis? And what better way than to promote it and earn money!


The drink is sold only through Direct Sales. So, why not avail the ‘Neon’ opportunity for promoters, distributors and commercial establishments. Spread the word around to far flung areas through modern tools of communication and see your network grow. There are several schemes that are being devised to help the distributors and promoters so that they can propagate the drink and earn money along the way through handsome commissions.

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