Vi Neon Ingredients

Neon energy drink has trapped the goodness of nature through its 100% NATURAL ingredients which offer a unique combination of taste and health. The fact that they are entirely natural is very relevant in today’s times when every health–conscious individual is more concerned with the harmful/side effects supposed to be caused by several energy drinks.
In view of the energy drink industry poised for top growth, we have just provided the best 50 plus health benefit alternative to all the energy-drink lovers through NEON – 100% natural content which is safe for kids and adults alike.

  • Natural citric acid


    Citric acid is present in some quantities in citric fruits and a few vegetables. Citric acid benefits include revoking the action of free radicals thus helping the good work of antioxidants and also lessening the stomach’s gastric acidity. Regulation of acid levels in the body through the action of citric acid protects the individual from metabolic acidosis. You feel fresh, mentally alert and totally fit to face each new day.

  • pop-corn


    Crystalline fructose is fructose in its pure form obtained from corn and used as a sweetener. Fructose fruit and corn products too contain fructose. Being sweeter it is needed in low quantities to provide the sweetening effect. This leads to less intake of carbohydrates and savings in money. Helps to maintain stability of product flavor for longer periods, compared to others sweeteners this is a more desirable product.

  • Sodium-Green-bea


    It is important to ensure balance in the body’s sodium levels as they nourish the cells with nutrients and aid in distribution of water. Natural sodium plays an important role in muscle contraction, nerve communicationand regulation of blood in human body. One of the most important electrolytes, serious impairment can occur in the performance of body functions due to its deficiency.



    Pantothenic acid refers to the water-soluble vitamin B5 which is present in pantothenic acid supplement.It is needed by body for synthesizing and metabolizing proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Othervitamin 5 benefits include enhancing the working of the nervous system and providing antioxidant protection.

  • D-Biotion nutrition


    D-Biotin is a naturally occurring form of Biotin which has full vitamin activity. It provides all the biotin benefits and is an important constituent of hair growth pills or hair growth supplements. It also provides many other health benefits. Metablozing carbohydrates and fats is one important benefit. Strengthening nails and promoting healthy skin is the next benefit. Above all, D-Biotin aids in fight against type II diabetes and lowering cholesterol levels.

  • Biotion nutrition


    Also known as coenzyme R, biotin vitamin is the water-soluble vitamin H. The best biotin supplement strengthens and promotes biotin hair growth and nail growth. Biotin is obtained through foods such as eggs, pork, cheese, avocados and salmon. However, it is safe to take a biotin supplement each day if sufficient quantities are not obtained from diet. Especially important for cell development in a growing fetus.

  • sj


    Strawberries nutrition is obtained through their high contents of vitamin A & C, zinc and other antioxidants which boost the body’s immunity. Strawberry seeds provide good amount of dietary fiber and enhance the functioning of intestinal system.

  • raspberry Juice


    Raspberry benefitsinclude enhancing the circulatory system and body’s immunity through their antioxidant properties. Both freeze dried raspberries or the fresh form have good contents of folic acid, fiber, vitamins B and C, zinc, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

  • Cranberry juice


    Cranberry supplements are used for their antioxidant properties. Cranberry extract benefits range from boosting the immune and circulatory system and promoting the functioning of kidneys. Cranberry juice is a good source of Vitamin C and Salicylic acid. It provides nourishment to the body with its content of proteins, carbohydrates and several minerals like sodium, iron, magnesium and many more.

  • Cherry juice nutrients


    Cherry Juice concentrate is an excellent antidote to soreness of limbs or joint aches and swellings. A natural alternative to tackling inflammatory osteoarthritis, dark cherry juice provides the much needed comfort. Said to be one of the highest source of Anti-oxidants, It helps to combat damage due to free radicals. Promotes healthy immune system and enhances ability to carry out daily activities.

  • Blueberry


    Blueberry juice is enriched with minerals, fiber and vitamin C and has very good antioxidant properties. Some of the blueberry juice benefits include promoting healthy vision and enhancing absorption of blood sugar. However, the greatest benefit provided by blueberry juice concentrate is contributing towards weight management.

  • Pear-fruit


    Prickly pear juice is anti-inflammatory which helps to alleviate many related health problems. It ensures that the existing healthy cholesterol levels are maintained besides being an excellent remedy against fatigue. It sends a sense of relaxation coursing through the body.Pear juice concentrate is a rich source of fiber and an effective booster of the body’s immune system.

  • passion-fruit-nutrients


    Passion fruit seeds are crunchy to chew and are laden with many nutritional benefits. Significant cardiovascular benefits are obtained besides getting protection against damage caused by free radicals. They promote healthy functioning of the circulatory and the intestinal systems and help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Enriched with Vitamins A, B, B6, B12, Vitamin C and potassium, the passion fruit plant is also a stress buster, promoting a sense of relaxation in every individual.

  • Gotu-cola-fruit


    Gotu Kola planthas many curative benefits. Used effectively to lessen the ache of burns and visibility of scars, the Gotu Kola teais supposed to have anti-aging properties. It enhances the functioning of the circulatory, adrenal and the reflex system and sharpens the mental focus of the individual.An herb which is good for your heart and a memory booster, it surely does wonders to an individual’s sense of wellbeing.

  • prickly-pear-fruit


    The prickly pear syrup and the prickly pear cactus juice are known to have varied health benefits. They keep the normal cholesterol levels within limits, give weight loss benefits, promote intestinal functioning andare helpful in controlling diabetes. Prickly pear, is in fact considered a super-food and acts as a supplement to a healthy diet. The greatest benefit however, lies in the fact that it is an antidote to hangovers.

  • Green-tea-leaf


    The attributes of caffeine in Neon Energy Drink are received from the healthy Green Tea extract. Known to provide an excellent protection against free radicals, this has many other health benefits such as being a memory booster, fat burner, promoter of cardiovascular health. Fitness freaks will vouch for Green Tea weight loss.

  • D-phosphate


    D-Calcium Pantothenate supplement helps relieve stiffness due to rheumatoid arthritis. Sold as vitamin B-5 supplements and synthesized from pantothenic acid, the D-Calcium Pantothenatebenefits include breaking down of fats and carbohydrates, generating energy and ensuring clear skin.

  • Untitled-1


    Vitamin B-12 source gives Cyanocobalamin. All vegans need to take Vitamin Bsupplement.

  • Untitled-1


    Boosting metabolic activity and energy is the greatest Vitamin B12benefit. The Vitamin B12 supplements assist the body in generating blood cells and maintaining healthy nervous system. Maintaining and revitalizing skin, hair and nails and promoting cell reproduction are some other benefits,

  • b6


    The Vitamin B6 benefits include aiding the functioning of nervous, cardiovascular, muscular and digestive system. Vitamin B6 supplement boosts proper development of the brain and production of hormone serotonin besides transforming food into energy.

  • nicin


    Niacin refers to vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 supplement promotes healthy skin, hair and nails. Some vitamin B3 sources include milk, wheat, rice and high protein content foods and should be taken in right quantities to alleviate the occurrence of deficiency.

  • Nut-fruit


    Riboflavin refers to vitamin B2. Riboflavin nutrients are crucial for healthy growth and repair of cells. It assists in metabolizing protein, carbohydrates and fat and generate energy. Riboflavin supplement promotes functioning of immune system and maintenance of healthy skin and vision.

  • Untitled-3


    Pyridoxine hydrochloride refers to vitamin B6. The pyridoxine hydrochloride benefit includes assisting in metabolizing carbohydrates and proteins and effective absorption of B12 vitamin. The pyridoxine hydrochloride supplement promotes circulatory system and immune system as well as functioning of muscles.