Become a NEON Distributor

NEON promotion will help you to get early success in your life. Having rising star program, we open a new door to unlock an exciting reward in your career. Promote the Latest Cutting Edge Energy Drink-NEON.

How do you earn the Top Dollar?

The team at ViSalus, is focused on adding more and more reliable partners to their fold. If you are ambitious and want to become a self-made entrepreneur join ViSalus; you will not be let down. Be a part of the fastest growing energy drink industry and become a millionaire along the way. ViSalus empowers their distributors by ensuring a lifestyle they have always thought of. Take advantage of:

  • Weekly Cash Bonuses:- Earn weekly cash bonuses by promoting the business and an extra for those who do it faster.

  • Team Commissions: Earn 5% commissions up to 8 paid levels.

Other avenues for earning the top buck:

  • Personal customer commissions:- Help other customers enroll for ‘The Challenge’ and earn up to 25% commissions.

  • New Business Bonuses:- Assist a new personally sponsored promoter make their first product sale and earn a payout as high as 40%.

Tap the following Pools:

  • Promoter Weekly Bonus Pool:- Trigger a payout by enrolling 3 new promoters on EPS in a production month.

  • Customer Weekly Bonus Pool:- Trigger a payout by enrolling minimum 3 customers with at least 500 QV in a production month.

  • PD & Ambassador Leadership Pool:- Earn while promoters in your downline work to get points in the weekly enroller pools.

  • Leadership Depth Bonus:- Become an Ambassador and earn up to 4% payouts.

Best of All

Drive a ViSalus BMW and get paid a monthly $600 BMW bonus. Read the ViSalus BMW Program Policy for full details.

So….liked what you read? Do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity and hitch on to the Neon Distributorship as soon as possible. Use latest tech-savvy techniques to spread the ‘Neon’ word around and meet others like you who are doing very excellent business. Obtain the $49 promoter kit and get going.

Get in touch with us right away and learn the secret of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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